Pay off credit card debt

Lower your monthly payments and secure your future by paying off high interest credit card debt

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Fibo Equity is the fastest and easiest way to tap into your home equity to secure your future.

  • $18 Trillion

    Residential real estate equity
  • 38%

    Households carry high interest debt
  • $15,654

    Credit card balance for avg. household with debt

Fast and flexible

Modern, digital process with money in as little as two days

No monthly payments

Its an investment not debt, so there are no monthly payments

We partner and align our interests

We invest in your homes appreciation. We make money when your home value goes up and lose money if doesn’t. You maintain full control of your home.

How it works

We buy up to 20% of your home. Instant offer, cash upfront. In as little as two days.

Why partner with Fibo Equity?

Secure your future without debt

Save thousands by eliminating high interest debt and monthly payments

Fast, easy, digital process

Simple process and access to live customer support 7 days a week; fast approval based more on home and zip code, less on income, existing debt or credit score

No regrets partnership

Maintain full control of your home and buy back your home equity anytime, no prepayment penalties or hidden surprises

Concierge experience

Our concierge can help evaluate fit and answer any questions.

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