Unlock the wealth in your home

Imagine having money in a safe that you are not allowed access – instead, you must borrow the equivalent amount of money from a bank and pay the bank interest for the privilege. That is what homeowners face every day with the wealth tied up in their homes. Accessing that wealth requires borrowing against the home, equity refinancing, home equity loans or home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). We fix that problem.

Why borrow when you can sell (a little)?

We believe in a different approach. We want homeowners to be free of their debts and be able to unlock the wealth in their home. To do that, we make it easy for homeowners to sell small fractions of the equity (up to 20%) in their home to investors.

1. Check if you qualify

Enter your address and answer a few questions. The process is free and takes less than 90 seconds.

2 minutes

You provide us with basic information about your home and your household finances.To be eligible, you’ll need to retain at least 20% of the equity in your home after our investment. We can instantly give you pre-approval or denial based on the information you provide.

2. We make you an offer

We make a provisional offer to purchase a fraction of your home. The offer is based on the value of your home today.

Instant over the phone

If pre-approved, we provide a provisional offer based on the data you provide. The offer is typically for between 5% and 10% of your home’s current value. We'll ask you to complete a full application (takes 30 mins) and provide documentation for our underwriting team. If possible, we will improve on our pre-approval offer.

3. Schedule an in-person home visit

Pick a time for a licensed appraiser to visit you. This ensures the price is correct by checking the place out — no cleaning necessary! :)

Within 1 day

We will schedule time for a home valuation visit. The appraiser will visit and inspect your home. We will share the appraiser's report with you once it's complete. The appraiser's value is an important component of the final offer. This costs us money so we need to make sure you are serious before scheduling the appraisal.

4. Fibo Equity pays you

We can send the money fast, often within 1 day of closing

Within as little as 1 day

We finalize the offer following the appraisal and receipt of all supporting application documents. You will meet with a notary to sign the Homeowner Agreement. We'll file a Deed of Trust and Memorandum of Option on your property in your county recorder's office. Once the filings have been confirmed, we transfer the offer funds (less the escrow fee) electronically to your bank account.

5. Sell the home or buy back from us when the time is right for you

We get paid when you i) sell your home, or ii) at the end of the term, or iii) during the term, when you choose to buy back. Regardless of the timing, there's never any early buyback penalty.

1 to 10 years

If you sell your home within the term then Fibo Equity is automatically paid from escrow. If you don't sell, you can buy back our stake at any time during the term at the then current appraised property value. We get paid a fraction of the home’s value. If the home has declined significantly in value, we may be due less than our original investment.